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The Dow Dropped. Do Not Drop Out of the Market and Why Having a Financial Professional Matters

by Rita Wilczek on Feb 8, 2018

Drop, Correction, Stock Market, DJIA, Financial Professional, Financial Advisor

Are we there yet?

Many of us who work and invest hoped that this might be the correction (reset) we have been waiting for.

I guess we have to wait a bit longer.

If you were uncomfortable on Monday, you now have an opportunity to rebalance your portfolio. Enjoy the perspective offered and be well.


Tax Deductions Gone in 2018 and Retirement Questions That Have Nothing to Do With Money

by Rita Wilczek on Jan 26, 2018

Tax Deductions, Tax, Deductions, Retirement, Financial Planning

Thought you might find these articles of interest. Share with your family or employees if we maintain your retirement plan.

Thanks and be well.

Tax Deductions Gone in 2018

What standbys did tax reforms eliminate?

Tips for Starting a Business and The Risk of Being a Suddenly Single Woman

by Rita Wilczek on Jan 23, 2018

Starting a Business, Single, Widow

Thought you might find these articles of interest.

Regarding the ‘Suddenly Single’ article, we recommend you update your beneficiaries and list of assets annually then share with your spouse or partner how to access. This is more important now in light of how much banking and investing is on-line. When you get your legal documents updated, ask how you can include your digital assets. If you have questions, let us know.

Be well. 


How the Tax Reforms Will Take Effect and You Will Probably Pay More for Medicare in 2018

by Rita Wilczek on Jan 8, 2018

Tax Reform, Medical Expenses, Tax Strategy, Social Security, COLA, Medicare, Medicaid, Premiums

WARM wishes for a healthy and prosperous New Year!

If you typically pay much more in state income taxes and real estate taxes than $10,000, you may wish to prepay your 2018 real estate taxes by year end. You will need to check with your particular county to see if they will allow this. Hennepin County does allow.

Congress Passes the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act and When Will the Business Cycle Peak?

by Rita Wilczek on Jan 8, 2018

Tax Cuts, Jobs Act, Congress, 2018 Taxes, Business Cycle


For suggestions on how to reduce your tax burden by year end, see page 2 of first article, Households may want to make some moves before the new rules take effect.

Wishing you a safe and happy holiday. 



Congress Passes the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act

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